Sunday, April 18, 2010

Among the Clarity Cracks

Among the Clarity Cracks

A day alone
If I'd known the beginning - 
The unseen silence of kaleidoscope ache - 
This would have remained within my chest
Where the windows are cracked - 
Over and over and waved over another - 
Giving the illusion of fractured frost.
Distortions as such are broken rails
Disruptions of vision and violent ends,
We creep through the shatters of instinct glass
To anger out eyes on the wavering stand
Anchored in the shine refracted.

Others, outside, the uninvited,
They trespass mercilessly along the edges,
Their moaning calls to the inside
Echoed broadly to push obtuse,
Yet not sharp enough to slice
Through the air with their piercings
Of whistled intrusion.
Strength is its friend and ageless enigma
But with the slightest shift
The breaks betray its trust
To become sadistic and slicing,
To become as enemy
Inside this paned prison.

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