Monday, April 6, 2015

2015 Poem-a-Day April 6 (things-not-as-they-appear prompt)

The State of Sunday

(or Organized Jingoism)

Line up and stay still
Don't ever speak out of turn
Now you will sit
Now you will kneel
Now you will stand
And sing with voices high
Sing like you're obliged
To something unseen
To something unsure
To something unknowable
Now chant my name
While I preach for you
The instructions of your life
Grow closer together
And come nearer
So I may feed you
And for your investment
Promise a perceived return

     You begin with pride
     While I fatten to hubris
     You begin with trust
     While I twist to dependence
     You begin with skepticism
     While I undermine to suspicion
     You begin with faith
     While I shame to blindness
     You begin with inclusion
     While I push to fear
     You begin with love
     While I torture to hate

You begin with you
While I pray to me
And now you do too

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