Monday, April 13, 2015

2015 Poem-a-Day April 12 (damage prompt)

The Uninvited, It Eats

Can you see inside me?
The shards that pierce
Are ravaged and old,
Dripping with rust,
Darkened inside my blood.

Can you feel inside me?
The aches are ancient,
Grown over, and poisoned,
Thriving in inverse,
Destined for a cancerous grave.

Can you smell inside me?
The rotting makes its way
Wherever it wants,
Forcing the realities
To reek like remnants.

Can you taste inside me?
The artifice of toxins
Leaves bitterness along the walls
Speckled with medicinal bullets,
False syrup slathered over my bones.

Can you hear inside me?
The screams of scars,
Never-ending and afraid,
Reveal my humanity as well
As my finality.

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