Thursday, April 30, 2015

2015 Poem-a-Day April 28 (matter or anti-matter prompt), April 29 (what nobody knows prompt), and April 30 (bury the (blank) prompt)

Island of Self

floating apogee
out of reach
taunting a flawed soul
"Reach for me
It's worth it all
Stretch yourself
More and more and more
Come closer and you'll see
But you will never touch me."
gravity locks us bound
with rocks in our stomach
and doubt in our head
forever stranded


Anniversary Truth

Everyone knows I love you
But nobody knows how much
Everyone knows our smiles
But nobody knows our screams
Everyone knows our outside
But nobody knows our home
Everyone knows the humor
But nobody knows the pain
Everyone knows us
But nobody knows us
And that is all well to me


Bury the Month

Bury the month in words,
in rhymes, in form,
in structure, in shape,
in ideas, and in ideals.
Escape from the overwhelming mountain
and scratch a way to view
a vision to a new page.
When letters split your mind
into myriad pictures
and shapes which never exist,
it may be the best
to resign the month,
dig the hole,
and pack down the dirt hard.
Begin anew on the first of the next.

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