Friday, April 24, 2015

2015 Poem-a-Day April 23 (historical prompt) and April 24 (moment prompt)

Those Were the Days

I remember back when
Cable TV was this unique
Idea which held all promise.
There was a channel, somewhere
Above the sports tier but below
Which allowed lazy afternoons
To turn into intriguing lecture hours.
It started with showy reminders of
My Classics classes and education
And surface biographies of our country's birth.
It changed into something odd -
All-Nazi-all-the-time it seemed -
And while unsettling, it still provided
The rearview mirror view
For which I was tuned.

Then something happened.

Now when I flip the switch
And see what might enrich me,
All I see are people cutting down trees
Or driving across ice
Or crazy alien hunters
Or hillbillies trading junk for other junk
Or people trying to fix up junk
Or Larry the Cable Guy
Or something called Swamp People.

Oh, History Channel, what have you become?



The time is too small
For an accurate measure
Between the thought
And the twitch
The pull of the trigger
And the firing pin mechanics
Lit the events in motion
Involving enormous blood
Lost into the floorboards
And ends in this home
Staring at a child
Motionless in state

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