Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Truths are Out There

Back in high school... those words are associated with bad emo drama and trying to figure out how to be "cool." I won't go through the list of cliches here, but they are cliches for a reason. And I do not deny them.

But this post is not about the glory days of high school. It is not an allegory for life. It is not some memorial about a time gone by. This post is dedicated to truths. In particular, two truths which were shared during lunch periods by a wise man named Dauod.

Dauod is an interesting fellow. He was initially friends with my younger brother and I was friends with his older sister, Shaheen. And despite my crushing on Shaheen for several years, nothing ever developed there. Anyway, Dauod and I played basketball together and we all became friends.

One year, I believe it was my senior year and Dauod's junior year, we had lunch period together. A few of us would hang out near one of the heaters in the cafeteria, eat our lunch and chat about whatever popped into our minds. Myself, Dauod, Bart, Jenn, and a a couple other people would occupy that heater. Very often one of us would dominate the conversation and the rest would follow, weaving in and out of transitional subjects deftly. It was never formal and it was always fun, albeit kinda geeky.

The first truth shared by Dauod during these lunch periods was an astute observation on group dynamics.

"Whenever one views a hallway, walkway, or other such passage, ye shall observe any cross-section in the pattern of 2-1-3." 

Being in high school, we took it upon ourselves to validate this statement. And, sure enough, everywhere we looked, there were two people on one side, one in the middle, and three people on the other side. Most amazingly, we observed the same pattern no matter which end of the hallway we stood.

We discussed these observations on the way to the lunchroom the following day. And as we approached Dauod, he rightfully pointed out "2-1-3." We had fallen into the same groupings without knowing it. Was it some mysterious force? We may never know.

The second truth shared by Dauod occurred several days later and centered on the essence of us.

"Today, whilst munching on my lunchtime sustenance, a truth became known to me. I was eating french fries and I realized that I like french fries. Not only do I like french fries, but everyone I know likes french fries. Not only does everyone I know like french fries, but I do not know anyone who does not like french fries. Ergo, using the 'You are what you eat' property, I must say that we are all starch."

We are all starch. Think about it.

Dauod, wherever you are, on whatever plane of existence upon which you have ascended, know this, your words have been well-heeded.

*Dauod's truths have been translated from the native highschool tongue.

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