Wednesday, May 12, 2010



                        Removed from you by flight –
                        Slow rain intimidates the sky –
                        The unknown of silent winds
                        Withholds your lips.
                        One fright begets another –
                        One anger destroys with tears –
                        We are too separate tonight.
                        The trust of your touch
                        Has been balanced midwest –
                        The total of my hunger
                        Resting without the means
                        Of stopping this undeniable ache.
                        Squeeze the remaining patience
                        Into seductive dreams at uncomfortable
                        Angles sharpened to wings
                        So I may venture our distance
                        To bring you into my comfort,
                        Into the arms of our anticipation.

                        This wait is lacking effort –
                        I’d stay forever just to glance
                        Towards your general air.
                        Yet it is an uneasy hold
                        I wait for my breath –
                        The first nerveless sense
                        After your arms find
                        Each other around my back.
                        These flashes of others
                        As they enter and leave my frame
                        Serve only to remind –
                        Serve only to confound –
                        Serve only to irritate
                        The cravings felt under
                        Every last existence of skin,
                        For none of their features
                        Develop into yours.

                         Pacing along this page
                        Allows me sanity for few seconds
                        But the hands of the watch
                        Do not match the motion of my own –
                        I spin off into words
                        And unattainable voice –
                        In the slightest wishes
                        That these miles won’t keep you
                        From hearing this beat –
                        These strokes of this pen –
                        And the increasing frustration
                        Of this hated anticipation.

                        Free me with a kiss
                        And bring me the elation
                        I have always known through you.
                        Please, my distanced one,
                        End this terminal longing
                        With a song from your soul
                        And the brush of your love.
                        Then, we will know,
                        The result of our anticipation
                        Is the stronger of us.

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