Monday, May 17, 2010

Lyricism - Part 2 (Rebel and All's Well)

Here are some more lyrics rescued from a torn and shredded high school folder helpfully labeled "Lyrics." As before, in an effort to rid the world, and myself, of these ridiculous expressions of lyrical content, I will be presenting selected lyrics from several "songs" here to allow the proper disgrace they will undoubtedly bestow upon me.

Read at your own risk. The song is in blue type with red type reserved for my public destruction.

Rebel  this lyric has been classified as commercial, whatever that means

(Trumpet lead-in)  because that just screams commercial, doesn't it?

In my life, there's been no shame  until these lyrics
This is more serious than a game  that is good to know, but some games are serious. Like the game of LIFE!
Everyone I know is against me  wow, paranoid much?                                                     and Monopoly.
It comes down to our destiny

Chorus: I'm a rebel
             I'm a rebel   because saying it twice makes it more menacing. Just ask Duran Duran.
             Rebellion's in my soul   or maybe that is tartar sauce... I should send a sample to the lab.
             I'm a rebel

Fate has let us fight   that fate is such a troublemaker
Even though neither side is right   ooo, so profound. Then against what are you rebelling?
The rebel isn't inside me  wait, I thought it was in my soul... I'm confused.
It's true, the rebellion is me   It is me. It is inside me. But it isn't inside me. What?

(Guitar solo)  because that was the way we rolled in the 80's.


(Repeat second verse)

(Chorus x3)   again, repeat as needed to make it true. lather. rinse. and so on.

(Guitar Solo to fade out)


All's Well  classified as hard rock and a potential single! Coming soon to American Bandstand!

I'll say it again since I've said it before
I will be happy forever more  ok, a little cheesy, but upbeat and you can dance to it. Cribbing from E.A.Poe,
There's been people asking 'are you sure?'                                                                                      I see.
I'll say it again, I'll say it some more  this must have been during my Teletubby "Again Again" phase.

Chorus: All's well, and that point I must sell
            All's well, I'm fleeing far from hell  so... north, eh?
            All's well, and you I must tell
            All's well, all's well  again again!

I worked with the accusations   but the hours were terrible
I've answered all the questions   but still flunked the written
I've fulfilled all the expectations   Keanu Reeves IS the Buddha!
There are no more complications   if only... but the song's not done.


Bridge: You do everything so pestimisticly (sic)  apparently proper spelling didn't matter much back then
            But don't you see, you're killing me   oh, wow. I created emo. where are my royalty checks?

(Guitar Solo)  rockin' like Dokken, baby!



Things are fine, you've set me free
Things are just great with I and she   I and she? Is this drunken Yoda?
Now, instead of drowning in the sea
We swim together, her and me   good Lord... someone pass the Dramamine


(Chorus x2)

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