Monday, September 20, 2010

The First Kiss

She took his hand and looked into his face, searching for an answer to her unasked question. Her fingers traced her thoughts upon his palm, each line ending with a question mark. She paused all motion, all breath, and opened her mouth slightly to begin a word but no sound escaped.

The parting of her lips astonished him. So full and luscious, they looked wet constantly, tempting, inviting. He listened, waiting to hear shat she might say, but his patience held only a moment. His fingers began a dance with hers and he leaned forward, his lips grazing hers gently.

She felt a rush of lightning run through her as their lips met in mid-breath. Her answer was as unspoken as her question as she leaned in closer, sliding her lips along her own. The initial excitement cascaded along her spine and through her arms and legs before settling in her chest to beat her heart faster.

Their fingers interlocked as he tried to steady himself. He hadn't anticipated the passion exploding within him with such force. In every dream where this occurred, of which there were many, he never expected every emotion to band together and create a charge of desire in his veins so hot. He knew he must breath to calm himself but her lips were too tempting.

She felt him tremble. She felt it in her hands, through his lips, and by his heartbeat. With one hand she touched his chest, laying it flat along his heart. Her eyes rolled further under her closed lids as she stroked his chest and a sound escaped her throat into his mouth. None of the words she had been searching for earlier, just the slightest of moans from deep within her soul.

Lost within this moment of heaven, he inhaled her presence and a thought fell to him. Inspiration in its most pure filled his mind as he realized this feeling previously foreign to him. Bliss. And as the knowledge filled his mind, he raised his hand and stroked her beautiful face.

Perhaps it was possible, but she didn't wish to stop. She spent more time than she'd ever admit thinking of this moment and now she was feeling more than she thought she would. Their lips melted into one another, soft, slow, wetly losing the boundaries between the two of them. She craved more and felt herself melt with desire under that thought.

He pulled back slightly, just enough to trace her perfect mouth with his tongue. The heat from her caved his concerns of answering her unasked questions. He felt his breath begin to match hers as his lips descended upon her again.

She knew, right then, without doubt.

He knew, right then, without doubt.

As their initial kiss broke, their lips reluctantly retreating, they opened their eyes and gazed at each other. They knew, with the ease evident since the first, their beginning was the culmination of them. Still viewing each others' eyes softly, they both took a breath, half comforting sigh and half anticipation of what was to come. In that breath they knew, in their sight they knew, and in each others' arms they knew; their questions could remain unspoken, they knew their answers in one another.

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